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Sabre is the story of Francis Gelb, born into a family of goldsmiths. Carried by respect and unlimited passion for the craft trades, he worked with his family before creating his own House of Cutlery in Paris in 1993: SABRE - from the name of the first cutlery developed by the brand. A name that also describes his project: cut through the monotony of tableware, combining, for the first time, craftsmanship and freedom with colours, shapes and materials. SABRE cutlery is made from quality materials to satisfy you every day. The blades are made in France in a stainless-steel and carbon alloy, absolutely necessary for the cutting capacity of our knife blades. The cutlery handles are made of acrylic, stained in the mass, the highest quality plastic materials. Your cutlery will stay bright and not darken over time. The handles of their acrylic cutlery are handcrafted and not moulded, to ensure smoothness, ergonomics and aesthetics.