The Salvadori company was founded in 1939 in Prato, in the heart of Tuscany. In the following years, while remaining family owned and operated, it took great strides forward in size and in its sales strategies. A notable innovation occurred in 1960 when Salvadori introduced the wedding list. Salvadori does not, however, just rely on sales from the lists and, thanks to the opening of its via Pomeria salespoint, the company offers a full range of items of very different kinds, favoring a qualitative and transversal shopping experience.

Il Cliente è al centro di tutto. La nostra filosofia è semplicissima. Vogliamo trasmettere ai nostri clienti quella stessa sicurezza che abbiamo noi nell’ acquistare un prodotto. Vendere per vendere non lo abbiamo mai contemplato. Per questo, abbiamo sviluppato un servizio di consiglio agli acquisti improntato sulla professionalità e sulla correttezza offrendo al cliente quella che sarà una scelta ponderata, comparativa, giusta.


  • Indoor parking garage: Salvadori offers its clients the convenience of a large private parking area located under our store. Parking here is easy and makes your shopping experience even more convenient.
  • Home delivery: Salvadori consigns to your home all over the world thanks to an excellent courier service.
  • Technical consultancy: Our specialized personnel is on hand to explain the quality of our products and to guide you step by step in your purchases.
  • Personal shopper: specialized personnel is at customer disposition for any explanation on the quality of the products and to guide them step by step in purchases.


With its GIFT CARD, Salvadori offers you complete purchasing freedom. The certificate can be freely lent to relatives or friends and each purchase is simply deducted from the previous total. Instead of an object, consider giving a gift card that will allow your loved one to choose any piece they prefer. In the case of a gift list for newly­weds or cohabitants, they automatically receive a gift card with any surplus from the purchases on the list. But anyone can discover the joy of a gift card by asking one of our store representatives.