Wedding Lists and Gift Lists

Are you getting married? are you going to live together? Or are you celebrating your birthday or having an event?
You can create a list for anything!



It can be completed at any time online on any device or directly in our store with a shop assistant.


A wide selection of items for your gift list, organized by categories and prices


With a password, relatives and friends can buy gifts from the online list


For any question or curiosity we are available at ours Toll-free number
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The new concept of lists. Smart, comfortable.

The gift list was born from the need of people to involve relatives and friends in the construction of a dream. Distances, thanks to the internet, do not exist today, therefore Salvadori gives the possibility to fill in the list on your electronic device.

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A no-obligation list that you can edit at any time
Get started right now! Enter the dedicated platform, create and manage your list!


Designed to create your digital wedding list in a simple and intuitive way, if you are future spouses, this is the section for you!


Designed for your special event, be it a birthday, communion, coexistence, this is the section for you!


1. Register or log in

Choose the type of list you want to access and enter the dedicated portal.

2. Add and edit list

From the “Catalog” section you can add, remove or modify items and quantities

3. Share your list

Once you have added the selected gifts, you can publish the list, obtaining a password to send to your guests who can buy them by themselves.

4. Receive gifts!

Consult your list and see the gifts of your guests and the greeting card they have dedicated to you. Salvadori will subsequently ship them to your address.

Lists – Freedom to choose

List 1.0

Wedding List

Our idea was born more than 50 years ago and has been revisited in recent years to be even simpler and more accessible. Creating a wedding list has never been easier and more fun.

List 2.0

Wedding List + Travel

We always work to provide the customer with the services he seeks; this is why for some years Salvadori has included the Wedding list + Travel list in its gift lists. Structured exactly like a modern list but with the addition of a travel.

List 3.0

Gift List

We have thought about the pleasant events in life and simplified the search for a gift for the occasion, so this type of list is suitable for cohabitation, graduations, birthdays or any other party with guests.