Our business was born 1945 and immediately specialized in table and kitchen decoration, later, thanks to the vast assortment of products suitable for navigation, for strength and quality, we also began collaborations with companies and architectural firms operating in the nautical sector.

Considering the new stylistic directions, and the needs of the owners, the decorations for the table, both for the salons and for the Fly, have gained a growing consideration over time.

In some cases the shipowners themselves, assisted by the designers pass by us as long as they consider necessary to meet their needs; in other cases the manufacturing company takes care of a complete service and asks our help for its research; we always give our availability in terms of time and schedules.

If we then consider the needs of the galley, our assortment of housewares and small appliances allows to have the maximum result by occupying the least space possible.

The brands we deal with are mainly European and the materials are varied, ranging from porcelain to synthetic crystal, from stainless steel to silver as well as new products that are unbreakable but nevertheless hygienic and practical.

For information and support: roberto@salvadori.it luca@salvadori.it.